About Dr. Jayanthy

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon ChennaiDr. Jayanthy’s penchant for precision and quality ensures clients’ experience the best of cosmetic solutions available. She synthesizes with her patients to gain well rounded cognizance of their requirements and offers a solution that is aesthetically, cosmetically and emotionally approving. The capacious and progressive cosmetic solutions are offered at state-of-the-art technology platforms guaranteeing positive and effective results.The need for clients to be educated and well informed is the surgeon’s prerogative. Combined with globally recognized expertise, Dr. Jayanthy offers a repertoire of client friendly cosmetic solutions for a better tomorrow. Cosmetic surgery is a transformation that leaves you feeling happy and content. Read more...

Why us

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and her team at Kauvery ChennaiDr. Jayanthy is a National board certified Plastic Surgeon. Her 13 years of impeccable surgical experience is backed by her training & experience from working at premiere medical institutes like AIIMS, Apollo & Cleveland Hospital Australia. As a plastic surgeon who can handle both surgical and non surgical cosmetic work (including lasers), she exhibits unmatched dedication to devote her entire practice to Aesthetic work with a constant desire to update the new inventions in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jayanthy is also a member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India & Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Read more...

Our Operating Facility

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Opertation Theater for cosmetic surgery at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy operates at Kauvery Aesthete which is a one of its kind Aesthetic boutique that aims at providing individualized high quality cosmetic care to patients in and around Chennai. Our team at Kauvery Aesthete offers specialized treatments for all cosmetic procedures and our state of the art operating facilities not only have the latest equipment necessary to perform intricate procedures and surgeries but are also backed by specialists from all other departments as and when needed. Cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, laser and skin rejuvenation are just a few of the many treatments we offer to help you achieve the body image you want.

Our Cosmetic Center

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at ChennaiDr. Jayanthy Ravindran Cosmetic Center at Chennai

Surgical & Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures in Chennai

Ant- aging Chennai thumb

Roll back the clock and beat Father Time with the surgical and nonsurgical anti aging procedures. Regardless of how many birthdays you may have already celebrated, you have to understand that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to look any older than 35 years of age. Today’s modern medicine, science, and research has been able to produce absolutely stunning results read more

5 reasons to avoid Weight Loss Clinics

Reasons to avoid Weight Loss Clinics in Chennai

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities of India and a hub for technology based companies. The city has a fast and challenging lifestyle in which people are trapped in pursuits of their dreams. It is very difficult in such cities to maintain a healthy personal and professional life. The pressures of the professional life affect a long way to read more

Abdominal Etching in Chennai

Abdominal Etching in Chennai

You have had enough of sitting on the couch and eating to your heart’s content. You haven’t exercised in a long time. Even the thought of exercising doesn’t excite you because you believe you won’t see any progress. You are the type of person that almost needs immediate results in order to keep going. So you are ready to say read more

Learn how to Grow Hair Faster Naturally

Grow Hair Faster and Naturally

While you can always use over-the-counter hair growth products or prescriptions to help you grow your hair, they do not work for everyone and some of these products have negative side effects and this is not good for those with certain medical conditions. If you are interested in more natural methods of hair growth, there are ways you can accomplish read more

Improve Pigmentation and Complexion

Pigmentation Complexion Chennai

Many women worry about the condition of their skin. It may be the tightness of the skin, or their skin pigmentation and complexion. No matter what skin worries you have you can use the internet to find out and order a range of different treatments that are designed for improving pigmentation & complexion. There are a variety of factors that read more